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Naps and automated massage center
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For further information, call us on +32 2 230 07 80 or send us an e-mail
Rue Belliard 166, 1040 Brussels

Our concept

Nap and massage sessions are done using high-end cutting edge equipment that immediately bring you a relaxation and well-being feeling as well as genuine sensations of "letting go".

Step 1

You have 15 to 45 minutes? During your lunchtime, an impromptu break, before/after a meeting… Visit us in our nap and massage centre.

Step 2

We welcome you, listen to you and advise you on your equipment choice and sessions duration.

Step 3

We provide you slippers and invite you to put your personal belongings in a locker.

Step 4

We accompany you to your relaxation corner and program the equipment.

Step 5

Live a unique experience: massage, soft music, delicate fragrance or light therapy… everything for a letting go!

Step 6

We will inform you when your relaxing time is up.


The PAUZ nap bar has 6 individual relaxation spaces, with state-of-the-art equipment specially chosen to meet your wishes and needs. It offers a true relaxing experience and enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a nap and massages.

  • Naps and Light therapies

    During your nap, we offer you combined light and relaxation therapies. You are comfortably lying and, depending on the day and your needs, we recommend you light therapy program adapted in terms of rhythms and colours.

  • Hydro massaging bed

    While under pressure jets of water massage you through the watertight canvas on which you rest, you are floating, literally, on this high-tech waterbed. By jets covering your complete body surface, this technological marvel provides all the benefits of the hydrotherapy without undressing. A pure source of relaxation and happiness!

  • Massage chairs

    Our high-tech massage and stretching chairs are designed for all ages. They enable a full automated massage, from the arms to the fingertips, shoulders, back, pelvis, bottom, feet, calves, without forgetting a whole body stretching. The ideal solution for a perfect balance. Your body is gently and firmly massaged by air pockets, offering you a soft and full shiatsu treatment. You are rocked towards a deep relaxation.

  • Shiatsu bed

    Far-infrared heat and jade rollers massage your body… Vertebrae are repositioned, the body temperature increases and muscles relax. The result is a sensation of a total physical and psychological well-being. The bed embeds two roller modules: one going to the upper body and the other to the lower parts of it. The shiatsu bed is recommended to a people with a former massage experience.


The benefits of a nap and massages are well known:
|| Give a relaxation and well-being feeling || Increase the creativity and concentration || Stimulate the mind and improve the memory || Enable a faster recovery || Increase performance || Relieve pains and enable a faster recovery || Regulate the muscular balance || Prevent cardiovascular accidents and increase life expectancy ||

Prices and offers


    on equipment of your choice,

    from 7,00€ to 15,00€ /15min.

    from 9,00€ to 18,00€ /20min.

    from 12,00€ to 25,00€ /30min.
  • With our GIFT CARDS

    Give a moment of peace and relaxation to

    your family, friends, colleagues, secretaries...


    (2x 15 min)


    (3x 15 min)


    (1 year available)

    With member cards,
    enjoy for 120 minutes and at your own pace, our wide range of equipment.

    Enjoy several sessions on our full range of equipment at your own pace.


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Free your body from tension due to stress.
Take a break in a relaxing environment to improve and preserve your health.
For futher information, call +32 2 230 07 80 or email us
Rue Belliard 166, 1040 Brussels

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